Call for Pre-Qualification and Frame Work Contracts F/Y2020/2021

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Serere District Local Government has been allocated funds and intends to apply part of these funds for provision of Works, Supplies and services for the FY 2020-2021.

Serere District Local Government now invites suitably qualified service providers to submit sealed pre-qualification & bid applications for the under listed works, supplies and services.


  1. Civil Works (construction, completion, renovation of buildings (houses, latrines, classrooms).
  2. Water Works; (Borehole Rehabilitation, construction & protection of hand dug wells & spring wells).
  3. Mechanical & Electrical works (Wiring of buildings).


  1. Conference and Catering.
  2. Consultation Services (Training).
  3. Engraving of District Assets.
  4. Sitting, design & construction supervision of deep wells/boreholes.


  1. Supply of Agricultural/Farm Inputs, Chemicals, Equipment, Implements & Improved Seeds.
  2. Entomological and Veterinary Supplies.
  3. Supply of General Office, School & Clinical Furniture, Equipment, Fittings & Benches.
  4. Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Solar Powered Equipment, Generators, Compound Moors, Spare Parts Accessories.
  5. Supply of Tree Seedlings.



  1. Sere596/Supls/20-21/00001: Supply of General Stationery, Small Office Equipment, Computer Consumables &   Photocopying Services.
  2. Sere596/Supls/20-21/00002: Supply of Printed Stationery.
  3. Sere596/Supls/20-21/00003: Supply of Fuel, Oils, Lubricants and related Accessories.
  4. Sere596/Svrcs/20-21/00004:  District Offices Compound Maintenance.
  5. Sere596/Svrcs/20-21/00005:  Repair & Servicing of Motor Vehicles & Motorcycle.
  6. Sere596/Supls/20-21/00006:  Supply of Tyres, Tubes and Batteries.
  7. Sere596/Supls/20-21/00007:  Supply of Vehicles and Motorcycles Spare Parts and related accessories.
  8. Sere596/Supls/20-21/00008:  Supply and Maintenance of Computers, Laptops & Other Related Supplies.
  9. Sere596/Supls/20-21/00009: Supply of Road Construction, Building Materials & Related Supplies.



  1. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00001: Low Cost Sealing of Damiano Road & Fr. Phillan Road 0.85Kms -
  2. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00002: Drilling and Sitting of Deep Boreholes lot 1& 2
  3. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00003: Construction of a Four in One Classroom Block & a 5stance pit latrine at Ajoba P/S
  4. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00004: Phase One Construction of Kadungulu Sub county Administration Block
  5. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00005: Phase One Construction of Kidetok Town Council Administration Block
  6. Sere596/Wrks /20-21/00006: Completion of Kasilo Town Council Office Block
  7. Sere596/Wrks/ 20-21/00007: Staged Construction of the Surgical/General ward, Serere HC 1V.
  8. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00008: Renovation of Serere Male and Female wards at Serere HC 1V.
  9. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00009: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Otoba Labori primary school.
  10. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00010: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Akoboi P/S.
  11. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00011: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Kamod P/S.
  12. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00012: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Sambwa P/S.
  13. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00013: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Kateta Model P/S.
  14. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00014: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Aboloi P/S.
  15. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00015: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Aep P/S.
  16. Sere596/Wrks /20-21/00016: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Akudam P/S.
  17. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00017: Construction of a two (2) classroom block in Aswii P/S
  18. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00018: Construction of a two (2) classroom bloick with Office in Odungura P/S
  19. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00019: The Feasibility study and design of piped water supply system extension
  20. Sere596/Wrks/20-21/00020: Supply of assorted pump installation parts

Terms and Conditions

  1. Pre-qualification & Bid documents in English may be purchased by interested Bidders upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 102,500/= (works) and 72,500 (Supplies and Services), for both prequalification and invitation to bid, the rates for the revenue sources/markets can be obtained from the respective advert displayed in the District and Sub County Notice boards, The money should be banked to Serere District General Fund Account in DFCU Soroti Branch Bank A/C No. 01983501000939 and the slip presented to the cashier for issuance of a receipt.


NB: A Bid Security under Open Domestic Bidding for 1&7 is -5,000,000/=, 2 & 3 is -2,500,000/= and the rest of the Projects 1,500,000/=.

  1. Application/Bid documents are obtainable from the Head Procurement & Disposal Unit upon presentation of the original receipt from the District Cashier.
  2. All applicants MUST attach evidence of the following to accompany their Application.

a)     Company/individual profile showing the company’s legal status, Directors & their photographs, Postal & Physical address, telephone contact, company’s main activities

b)     Certificate of Incorporation or Registration

c)     Valid Trading License

d)    Valid copy of Income Tax Clearance certificate

e)     Passport size photographs for Directors

f)      ORIGINAL receipt of non-refundable fee

g)     Any other documents as specified in the bid document

  1. Each item must be bided for separately and bidders can bid for as many times as they wish.

5. Any canvassing & discrepancies found in the documents will lead to automatic disqualification.


Pre-qualification/bid documents properly sealed envelopes and clearly marked “Pre-qualification/Bid for …………” should be submitted in triplicate to: The Head Procurement & Disposal Unit, P.0. Box 93, Serere. To reach office not later than 30th July 2020, 11:30 a.m.  

 Bids will be opened at 11:40 a.m. on the same day at the District Council Hall in the presence of those Bidders/Representatives who choose to attend.

NB A detailed list of the other markets/revenue sources can be viewed at the District and Sub county Notice Boards


The planned procurement schedule (subject to changes) is as follows:

Activity  Date
a). Issue of prequalification / Bid Documents 02/July/2020
 b). Closing / Opening of prequalification / Bid Documents  30/July/2020
 c). Evaluation Process  4/August - 14/August/2020
 d). Dispaly and Communication of Best Evaluated bidders  20/August - 2/September/2020
 e). Issue of prqualification / Award letters  4/September/2020