Population & Culture


Population censuses are the main sources of demographic data in general and information on population size, distribution and growth rate in particular. The size, quality, distribution and growth of its population are very vital in formulation of present and future development programmes.

Other sources may include various surveys, Birth and Death Registration and Administrative Records.  

The Demographics for Serere are covered in the tables below. Their repsective sources are provided as well.

Demographics according to the NPHC,2014
Factor Serere District Teso Sub-Region National
Population(000) 285,903 1,819,708 34,634,650
Annual Growth Rate (%) 4 3.5 3
Population Density(persqkm) 191          -   -
Fertility rate 5.9          - 5.9








Population Projection by age-group for 2020 as provided by UBOS
Infant Population (Under 1 year) 13,890
Under 5years 66,000
Children of Primary School Age (6-12 years) 77,760
Population Under 18 years 201,330
Youth (18-30 years) 73,650
Adults above 30 years 69,680
Elderly (60+ years) 15,980